Weddings at BCF

We are honored for you to consider celebrating your wedding ceremony here. Our number one desire is for your marriage to be an outstanding example of married love at its very best! To ensure that God is the center of every wedding ceremony, BCF has adopted the following guidelines for each prospective couple. 


1. Both the bride and the groom must be willing to commit themselves entirely to Jesus Christ.  Within ourselves there is no strength to have the marriage God wants us to have.  Among those couples who have committed their lives to Christ in a practical and recognizable way, only one out of a thousand will end up in divorce.

2. Both sets of parents, the parents of the bride and the parents of the groom, must be in full approval of the marriage and the date of the marriage.  Marriage is not simply the union of two lives, but rather a union of two families.

3. Both the bride and groom must agree to premarital counseling with a married couple on the wedding team.  These sessions will deal with the role of the husband, the role of the wife, finances, physical intimacy, in-laws and other areas of married life.


4. If the couple is not a member of Brownsville Community Fellowship and are residents of Brownsville, they must be willing to seriously consider becoming a part of the church.  The marriage ceremony is not an end of our responsibility, but only a beginning.

5. If either party has been involved in a divorce, their request will be handled on an individual basis according to the Scriptures.

6. Please do not set any dates for your wedding prior to acceptance by the wedding team for your wedding ceremony.  Pastors are unable to perform any weddings outside of the Rio Grande Valley.

7. We know these guidelines are very demanding.  But, keep in mind, we are not building toward a ceremony.  We are building for a lifetime.