What's your next step?


If you feel like your next step in life is becoming a member, getting baptized, joining a serving team or getting married; let us know! We want to help you accomplish whatever God is leading you to do next. 



Becoming a member of BCF means becoming a part of a family. We want you to come as you are, bring the whole family and get connected. Our four membership classes are designed to help you become all that God designed you to be. Let us know if you would like to sign up for our next CLASS Day!


Jesus set the example for us when He was baptized in his thirties! Click on "Learn More" to read what the Bible says about baptism. 


Did you know that God designed you to do something better than any other person at BCF? We want to help you find your unique place of service that will give you the most joy and fulfillment.



We want to help you prepare for your marriage so that it brings God the glory He deserves. Premarital counseling exists to prepare engaged couples for a commitment to each other and to build a marriage based on putting God first. For more information on premarital counseling or if you need a pastor to perform your ceremony click "Learn More".