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Hi, my name is Laura Basler. I was born in Brownsville and grew up in the Brownsville/Matamoros community. I came to BCF because a friend of the family was a member here. I met my husband David here, and it is within our BCF family that our relationship grew and flourished. We have 5 children, one teen daughter and 4 boys. 

I have been a BCF member for about 16 years. Currently, I serve in the cookie ministry and the ASL interpretation ministry. I am so blessed to be in the BCF church family!


Finding God's Goodness in Loss

“Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.” - Psalm 23:6 KJV

When my husband, David, and I began our relationship, we chose Psalm 23:6 as our theme verse. This was a beautiful time for us that led to engagement, and a marriage that started on a wonderful note thanks to God’s goodness and mercy in our lives.

But four years later, I clung to this verse during one of the most difficult times of my life. In late November of 2007, we lost our one-day-old baby boy due to major birth malformations.

Our little family was crushed. We had so many hopes for our baby boy. On what should have been his first Christmas, we were broken and hurting.

Sadly, a few weeks later, I lost my grandmother to Alzheimer’s. Then, about four months later, my father-in-law passed away suddenly from a heart attack.

I couldn’t believe we had lost so many loved ones in such a short amount of time. I was afraid that somehow, I was going to continue losing the people I loved.  

Then, I remembered Psalm 23:6, and it brought me hope. I didn’t need to be afraid of more losses. I could trust that God would bring goodness and mercy into my life even in the midst of our tragedies.    

God is good! It has been almost eleven years since we lost our loved ones, and I can assure you that His goodness and mercy have been with us continuously. God has blessed us with five healthy children! We are still walking with Jesus and continuing to receive his love and care through our church, our family, and friends.

And because Jesus came that first Christmas, and gave His life for us, we can look forward to one day living in God’s home for eternity and reuniting with our loved ones that have gone to be with Jesus.


1. Have you experienced a loss of a loved one or a lost dream and felt that God was no longer showing goodness towards you?

2. Are you willing to trust Him and believe that He will provide you with goodness and mercy?

3. Have you surrendered yourself to Jesus, so that you know for certain that you will live in God’s home forever?


Lord, thank you that even through our difficult circumstances, you keep your promises to your children to bless us with your goodness and mercy. Please remind us that even when we experience tragedies, you are still a good God and that you will use these trials for good. Help us to trust in you and believe in your Word remembering that one day we who have surrendered our lives to you will live in your home forever.