Front-line Ministries


"Everyone was so welcoming!" is feedback we often get from first time guests and we LOVE that. Our front line ministries are the friendly faces of BCF. They are the first people you see as you get out of your car, walk through the front doors, grab a cup of coffee, and head towards your seat. We trust the Front-line to brighten everyone's day and make a lasting impression on the hearts of those they greet.  

Parking Lot Striping 2.jpg

Parking Lot

Watch over the parking lot, greet people, help people in and out of parking spaces.

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Welcome people with a handshake and a smile, and hand out programs.



Help people find a seat, direct those with children to the Kid's wing.



Attend the coffee table, set out refreshments, smile and greet people.



Bring homemade baked goods or fresh pan dulce for people to enjoy Sunday morning.


1st Time Guest Center

Talk with first time guests, give them a gift and answer basic questions about how to get more connected at BCF.


Purpose Center

Help out in the resource center by taking donations for bibles, other helpful books, or T-shirts.


Member Services

In the event of an emergency, those that serve on this team are prepared to help.

Requirement: Medical Certification or Law Enforcement AND completed CLASS 101.