D-I-Y Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

Scott and Sarah Trstenjak started doing this Christmas Eve service with their children a few years ago and the whole family loves it! This year, you and your family can start a brand new Christmas tradition of your own! Think of this like a Posada but with less walking. It is meant to remind you of the reason for the season - Jesus' birth! The sample service includes singing songs, reading scripture verses, and lighting candles, but feel free to make it your own. Sing your favorite Christmas songs, use candles if you've got them, but maybe flashlights if you don't! Scott and Sarah even have a birthday cake and sing happy birthday to Jesus! This is just a sample plan, so we encourage you to personalize it and make it work for your family. Amy Roberts at put this plan together and she gives it away for free to anyone, as long as you submit an email to her blog. Follow the link below for more details!


Christmas Eve Candlelight Vigil

by Amy Roberts at