Behind The Scenes


If you look closely as you walk through the BCF worship center, you can see the work that goes into making Sunday happen 52 weeks a year. Every detail from the programs you receive as you walk through the door to the prayer request that you leave on your way out has been thoughtfully assembled by our dedicated teams. 


Campus Care

Clean, organize and re-set the building for Sunday services. Saturday mornings at 10:00 am. 


Office Volunteer

Help print, fold, and stuff programs during the week. 


Counting Team

Count the offering on Sunday afternoons.


Data Entry

Enter information on connection cards into a database.


Spanish Translation

Translate the program notes to Spanish on Saturday from home or translate the message live for one service on Sunday.


Prayer Ministry

Pray over the weekly prayer requests.


Mercy Ministry

Visit those that are sick or in the hospital to talk and pray with them, offering encouragement. 


Projects Ministry

Help with special projects around the church, from maintenance to construction.