BCF Music Team Audition

    Thank you for your interest in serving with the BCF Music ministry! Please carefully read the below information before you begin to fill out your audition application. 

    Expectations for Serving as a Music Volunteer

    • Not every serving opportunity is going to be on a big stage, so we really value humility and willingness to serve wherever you may be needed.
    • If you are placed in any worship role, you will be expected to show a high level of commitment to your service area. This includes practicing, being on time, and letting your “yes be yes.”

    What is the Music Ministry looking for?

    • Many talented musicians do not serve with the music ministry because they simply are not a fit stylistically or there is currently not an opening in their area of skill.
    • Just because you may not be asked to serve does not mean you are not gifted. Our audition process is designed to look for the right fit for each team depending on the needs at that time.
    • Some of the areas that musicians will have the opportunity to serve in will demand less skill than others. However, all of these areas require a daily, faithful relationship with Jesus, and a solid understanding of their skill.

    What is the process for Worship Auditions?

    1. Complete the ‘Audition Application’ and link to your audition video

    • Your video must be current (filmed within the last week).
    • This does not need to be a highly produced video. iPhone quality is great!
    • We must be able to see and hear you sing and/or play your instrument.
    • Upload your video to a video sharing site (youtube, vimeo, facebook etc.) and make sure that the link is public

    2. The church office will contact you

    • Please note that audition forms and videos are reviewed during the first week of the month.
    • We will contact and follow up with you after they are reviewed.